Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Combat Cycles

New shop I'm working at building some righteous choppers !  these are my co workers builds!


My old highnecker !

Oldies but goodies!

What a long strange trips its been !

Traveling from Arizona to North Carolina ! Was a very hard decision to leave my life and my club to focus on self improvement and living closer to my family.  Getting back to the basics. Family and motorcycles. Keep posted for more builds.

The Wild West

Some pictures over the last couple years in PHX.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kraus Inverted Forks !


This was the second hotrod evo motor I built for my Highneck. The first one the bearing race spun in in the left side case. So i went with beefier cases and S&S flywheels better High pressure Hi flow oil pump, Reed valve breather gear,Woods cam, Mikuni HSR, Jims Roller rockers, Hi Comp Pistons,Jims lifters ect ect had to machine the cases to match everything perfect lots of hours in this motor. It could run with88-103 Twin cams all day.