Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Robert "Pinner" Hernandez

Yesterday I went and dropped my Evo cases for my highneck chopper to Robert to fix a crack. It was very sad too here this morning that Robert was involved in a serious, Motorcycle accident last night. If you never had the privilege to meet Pinner, He is one of the most Honest Guys in this motorcycle community.His Knowledge is immense, And his character is top notch. Below I have listed a Site were you can donate money to help His family during these rough times. Robert is a self starter and Independent Business owner with His shop the Rabbit Hole PHX AZ. He is in a Coma with serious head injuries and is going to need all the positive reinforcement to get through this weather thats monatary or just in spirit! Click here and donate anything you can to help a guy I call my Friend.

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